$15 per class


What should I wear?

Wear something loose and comfortable - something that will allow you to move freely. Some common outfits are:

  • yoga pants or leggings with a shirt or crop top
  • a long, full skirt with a shirt or crop top

All students are encouraged to wear some kind of scarf or wrap around their hips. Hip wraps aren't just a fashion accessory. They allow you to create a visible line that will help you see the movements more clearly. A limited number are provided for class use.

Want a hip wrap of your own or something fabulous to wear to class? Visit one of these vendors.

Class Schedule

last updated 5/24/13

After moving to Los Angeles, I've found myself performing almost every night and haven't been able to fit a regular teaching schedule back into my weekly routine.

Not the answer you were hoping for? There are other options:

I do cover for other teachers occasionally.

Also, I'd love to continue teaching workshops as the opportunities present themselves.

I'm also available to teach private lessons via Skype.

Give me a call or send me an email and let's see what we can work out: 310.744.5797