She is a favorite with Middle Eastern families, and is a regular entertainer for various venues, restaurants, and large ethnic associations. In addition to local venues, Donia has had invitations to perform throughout the US and Canada. Visit her About page for a more specific resume. She's captivated audiences at:

  • weddings
  • birthday parties
  • New Year's Eve celebrations
  • art gallery opening
  • cultural presentations
  • school diversity programs
  • children's birthday parties
  • grand opening galas
  • community festivals
  • art programs for children
  • university society events


Please call or email for performance rates.

Payment is expected upon arrival.

Please be aware that additional fees may apply if your event starts late. Donia's time is valuable to her. It's not fair to ask her to wait more than 30 minutes without compensation.

Additional mileage charges may apply.

Event cancelations must be made at least 3 days before the event to avoid being charged.

Delight guests at your next party or event with live entertainment. Tasteful performances suitable for all ages. Family entertainment only, please.

"I've been to many shows in the US, but I'd given up the thought of ever seeing dancing of this quality since leaving Egypt."
- Sherief

Different events require different performances. For a baby shower or teen party, a mini-group lesson might be the best choice. For other events, Donia offers a professional, engaging performance.

"We loved having you at our event. You certainly drew the largest crowd of the day! Judging by the smiles on everyone's faces, the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The kids had a great time too. A few of them continued dancing for rest of the day!"
- Gail (community group organizer)


Live music is wonderful. If you've arranged for live music, Donia will be delighted to perform with your musicians. More commonly though, Donia will bring her own music on either a CD or iPod.



Although all of Donia's costumes are tasteful, full coverage dresses or folkloric costumes can be requested.

"Thank you for being a memorable part of our bridal shower. You did a wonderful job and we received lots of compliments. It was definitely more fun than shower games!"
- Jeanne


Space isn't usually an issue - it's been said that the mark of great dancer is the ability to enchant her audience without moving out of a 3 foot square. Donia has performed in tiny living rooms, between the aisles of stores, and around restaurant tables filled with patrons.

A tip from one of my biggest fans

Photo credit: Carlos Karam

The bills tucked into Donia's costume were put there by Donia herself after small children handed them to her.

The best way to tip a bellydancer is by showering money over their head. Or if you're too short, throwing it as hard as you can (like this enthusiastic fan). *laughing* Although some performers don't mind receiving tips in the side of their skirt or their shoulder strap, it's much better manners to hand it to them (in leiu of showering it over their head).